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Saturday, January 07, 2006 

About This Blog

This blog is an odd thing for me, really. In my daily life I wear little or no jewelry and carry as few accessories as I can get by with. I'm usually satisfied with wearing only my engagement and wedding rings + carring my decrepit black kelly bag on any given outing.

So, for me to have a blog about jewelry is a bit strange. It's not that I don't like jewelry, you see. I honestly adore it. I just don't have many pieces in my accessory arsenal to adorn myself into fabulosity. That's party due to a very limited clothing budget and, well, I'm just not very good at wearing the stuff. Wearing jewelry is akin to wearing a mask for me -- intriguing but somewhat uncomfortable. I think I lack the jewelry-wearing-confidence gene that most women seem to possess. Yet I still admire jewelry (and those that can wear it well).

For Christmas I received a stunning necklace from my sister-in-law. It's something that I'd never, ever select for myself and I'm madly in loooooove with it. I wish knew the name of the stones but it's an opaque, light blue briolette pendant flanked by little deep orange crystal beads on either side. My description does it no justice, unfortunately. It's a beautiful, beautiful piece and it awakened an interest in seeking out talented jewelry designs. This blog has been created to share my finds with you. I hope you enjoy the blog and the jewelry goodness shared within.